Sunday, December 2, 2012

7 "Merry" Christmas Statistics

It's December! Let's see some statistics about Christmas:

1 – Alcohol consumption in Britain increases by 40% in December, more than any other country in the world, with Germany, Canada and France following. Fortunately, the drink-driving also decreases in UK, which means that people will also walk more to the pub, so this whole drinking during December actually promotes health and fitness. Well, I know I will be drinking this Christmas, in my room, alone.

2 – On the same happy note, it seems that people’s tendency to take their own life will also decrease during Christmas(contrary to popular belief), but murder rates will rise significantly in Germany (6.4%), the US, France and Italy (5.7%). It must be all those carols.

3 –Heart related deaths increase with 5% during the holidays, according to this study. 

4 – Each year, during the holiday season, fires kill more than 400 Americans and injure 1,650 more.

5 – You are more likely to die during the Holidays. A study analyzing 57.5 million death certificates shows the chance of dying during holiday period increases between 3% and 9%. Here is the study. 

6 - Around 40 million Christmas trees are cut every year in North America.  You won’t really save a tree if you choose to buy a plastic one, but you can save a small pine tree that is growing on a rocky part of the forest and might die (take it, bring it home, put it in a pot and plant it during March).

7 - More than 80,000 people a year need hospital treatment for injuries such as falls, cuts and burns during the festive period.

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