Cool Blogs

This page is about the cool blogs some of my followers have or just the blogs I find cool. They are all from various topics so you would probably find anything here. Let's start:

Extremely interesting: -  cool blog by Dr Mark Griffiths

Followers: - a very interesting blog about computer technology, created for Sindhi people - check out Sie's blog - she is definitely one of the strongest women I met, I really admire her! - a blog about food, cultures, traditions, etc. I love this versatile blog and you should definitely check it out. - what Jasna makes can only be described as beautiful and with a touch of her Bosnian roots she manages to make her food blog even more amazing - this is another interesting blog about almost everything; definitely one of my favorite, this blog talks about fashion, food, women, social issues, etc. - Katrina is a very interesting woman with a blog as interesting as she is; her blog is about social issues and news; definitely a thought provoking blog! - a beautiful cooking blog, I know I will never be able to cook that well so I''m just enjoying the pictures - I really enjoy - I love her, she is such a great artist, please check out her page and give her some love on FB 

... this is updated regularly.