Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jan Svankmajer - Surreal Animation

A few years ago I watched Alice, but not the classic story we are all accustomed with. The Alice I watched was kind of dark and it somewhat reminded me of my own childhood curiosity. My grandmother’s old house was fascinating for me. Her old furniture and drawers that contained the most bizarre combinations were like another world that needed to be explored. I would spend hours searching house, looking at old photographs, smelling the old perfume bottles, and reading old magazines she had around. When I first saw this movie it remembered me of the distinctive smell that old furniture and old books had. I love that smell and I love this old movie.

Jan Svankmajer not only directed Alice but it also managed to bring surrealism at a whole new level. His art and movies might not appeal to the general public but he definitely manages to impress with his creative and dark works mostly using the stop motion technique.  He influenced a lot of other artists like Brothers Quay or Tim Burton.

Some of his famous works are: Little Otik, Faus, and Lunacy. If you’re not curious yet, the next videos will make you search for some more: 


This one may be offensive to some, as it shows nudity.


  1. The breakfast video is interesting. Pretty nifty to know his influence on modern directors.

  2. Ha ha. It looks scary. Good to read about old. I love making and reading history, past is nice and future is great. Good day to you dear..

  3. Thanks for your comments guys, the breakfast video is longer, you can also find lunch and dinner on Youtube if you want.
    Sarang Mangi yeah it looks kind of creepy but it's beautiful.