Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year Resolutions, Artificial Wombs, and War

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but I was too busy to keep up with what’s happening on the internet (like anyone would ever be able to do that…). But there are some cool articles I read this month. We have, of course, reasons why your New Year resolutions will fail. If you are interested in traveling you will surely find this article about Thailand and Laos really cool. 
For a post-apocalyptic experience you need to look at this guy’s photos, he is so talented and they give me a really Fallout-ish feel.
Another talented artist here. I probably mentioned him before, but these are new. 
This post about Twilight made me laugh as the author tries to show us how the story would have been if it was written by famous writers.
      If you guys haven’t noticed I made a Cool blogs page mentioning some people I follow. I also learned that scientists are researching artificial wombs where fetuses will grow outside the human body. Here is another great article about the origin of religion sent to me by a friend.  I've been kid of depressed lately and lacking motivation but now I feel better. Exams are starting so I don't know how much I will be able to write and I also got a few more projects at work thank usual. But I promise I won't go away and I will try to write as often as I can.

I found Jim Carrey's website - it's designed really cool, you guys should check it out. I played a while with it. I also found one of the most depressing games in the world, also very frustrating. Here's another depressing game about war.Well, it's not actually a game, more of an experience.

I hope everybody is happy today.

Here's the most beautiful song in the world:


  1. My 'New Years resolution' is not to have resolutions any more ;-)

  2. Hi andreea, the best of luck in your exams..sure you will be busy, your exams a priority.
    i avoid stressfull articles as much as possible this year, to avoid feeling feeling sympathetic, wanna go for the more cheerful ones, hopefully they will energize me.
    glad you are in a better state ...especially with the exams coming
    have a nice day

  3. good luck sis on your exams..I don't make any new years resolutions because often times unplanned things do happen..*hugs* passing by sis ;)

  4. Thank you so much Andreea of mentioning nava-k in cool blogs, I sincerely appreciate your kind thoughts. I just had a holiday in Thailand about 1 month back and yes, amazing place with the type of food I love, that spicy, sour and salty taste.

    I am into Jim Carrey, I somehow can't stand him for whatever reason it may be though I have watched some of his movies. Best of luck in your exams and keep in touch when time permits.

  5. Hi! Dear, Interesting post.
    artificial wombs, i dont think scientists can succeed in creating artificial wombs. Nature is more powerful then humans, and humans cant create everything that Nature can.
    Thank you very much for listing my blog in your cool blog list. Check out my new post, you will sure like it.
    Best of luck for your exams.

  6. Hi andreea,
    My system went boink for few weeks with the passing of my mum in law.. our usual New Year celebrations went solemn.. we normally checked ourselves in hotels, all family members will spend the NYear eve yaking n yaking then enjoy the displays of FireWorks.. so this year unusual.

    Best of luck in your exams, do your very best, we need contributions and motivations from Women like you around to make this world a better place for all..

    Tks for the mention of Woman724, and Happy belated New Year Wishes to you.

  7. I recently saw the last installment of Twilight, and yes, I am little old to watch it. LOL. The post on Twilight is hilarious:)