Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haunted Places: II Monte Cristo Homestead

According to Wikipedia, the Monte Cristo homestead is one of the most haunted places in Australia.
Source Wikipedia
It was constructed by a local pioneer named Christopher William Crawley in 1885 and it is literally the “mysterious house on the hill” being located on a hill in Junee, New South Wales. The house seem to have had a lot of ghostly residents but one of the most famous and most seen is Mrs. Crawley, especially since she was known to be a pretty harsh woman. Since she spent a lot of time in the Drawing Room and the Chapel she is always seen there, dressed in black and carrying a large silver cross. Also, her presence is felt like cold.

A maid fell from the balcony and the blood stained steps were cleaned and you can still see the colored stain from the bleach. There were also other deaths in this house, a woman dying giving birth and even Mr. Crawley himself died of blood poisoning. 

Footsteps have been heard walking through empty rooms, along the hall and down the stairs which is strange in itself. However, what is even stranger is that the steps sound as though the person is walking on hard wood or lino floors even though the entire house is now carpeted.

Different objects were seen moving around but also strange happenings hear the stairs. A baby fell from her nanny’s arms and down the stairs and it seems that young children become agitate near or around the staircase. 

Their website has stories about other gruesome deaths:

The Coach House/Stables was also the sleeping quarters for a stable boy named Morris, who was one day too ill to rise for work. The boss did not believe the boy, and set fire to his bedding. Unfortunately, Morris was too ill to escape and was burnt to death.

A mentally retarded man named Harold, the son of a housekeeper working at Monte Cristo, was kept locked in shackles in the Caretaker's Cottage for forty years. He was found curled up at the feet of his mothers dead body, and sent to a home for the insane where he died shortly afterwards.
The most recent death at Monte Cristo occurred in 1961 when caretaker Jackie Simpson was murdered by a local youth. After watching the movie Psycho several times, the boy made his way up to the grounds of the homestead with a rifle and shot the caretaker dead in his cottage. It is believed that he then scawled the words "DIE JACK HA HA" on the wooden door, a macabre inscription that can still be seen to this day.

So next time you find yourself in Australia and you want a bit of adrenaline, you can definitely visit the eerie Monte Cristo Homestead. 

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