Monday, September 12, 2011

Becoming a tree, expensive food, ideas and the button that makes everything ok

I haven't posted much recently because I'm so incredibly busy with work and school. However, I still have a few links I want to share with you guys. So, I found a cool way for people to keep me after I die. It's this.  Apparently that thing turns you into a tree after you die. Your remains are placed in that urn and a tree seed is put inside so your family can plant a tree with your remains after you die. Isn't that the best idea? I know it's gloomy, but I think it's wonderful. Another article about very expensive food around the world. And here's one that teaches you how to come with new ideas for your blog. 

Psychology related articles include this one, about people with schizophrenia, their distinctive smell and the research done on this topic. Another interesting article is this and it refers to memory and birth control pills.

I'm going to go now and press the button that makes everything ok. 
I can't wait for winter to come.

I'll leave you with this smart guy:


  1. This was such a fun post! I want the "Make everything ok" button!!

  2. I like the one on the very expensive food, esp the ramen and paying 110.

  3. @Chrissy Yeah I know, that button would be great
    @Nava As much as I like ramen, I wouldn't pay that much on it. Or perhaps I would, but it has to be really good ramen :D

  4. Becoming a tree after one dies..
    always as curious as curious tendencies...

    Last yr watched the movie After Life with my daughter and she was very inquisitive "mummy, imagine what happens if someone is still alive and wakes up to find him/herself buried for dead?".

    And yesterday I saw a clip from Banjermasin, Indonesia - where a man believed dead and buried - later, after 8hours was dug out again (as wife was very uneasy)to discover that he was still alive!

  5. That photo is amazing.

  6. Love the link on become a tree after death, I would consider it. What a great idea! Thanks for the button, we all need it on those days!

  7. @Katrina I head of other cases where people were buried alive. I think it's a terrible way to die (again); I also heard some other stories which were a bit funny about people waking up in the middle of their funeral.
    Was the man from Indonesia eventually rescued?

    @yummychunklet thanks honey
    @I know, I would definitely consider it too. I think it brings great comfort to people around you. Yeah, the button is absolutely great :D I wish it was for real.

  8. Andreea,
    The doctor pronounced the husband dead. He was not breathing. When they were preparing his body for the funeral the wife noticed his body was still warm and had traces of sweat.

    Yap, they dug him up after the wife pleaded, and yes, they rescued him; buried for almost 8hours!

    You can view this video from youtube..

  9. He was lucky he had such an observant wife. I'm happy he was rescued, I'll search the clip on youtube :D I'm so curious

  10. aha nice idea me thinking now what exact tree would my family plant then..maybe cherry blossoms yeah like those in Japan because it is my favorite you have given an idea.. hehehe :) nice of you Andrea to at least have time to write for your readers though your busy..passing by with a smile :)

  11. I need a make everything ok button also :) I like the idea of coming back as a tree, really interesting!

  12. @Sie I love cherry blossoms too and it was my first idea when I read that post. Or perhaps an oak. I always thought oaks are smart ass trees that know a lot of stuff and they are so cool. I wish I could write more lately and getting so many comments from you guys is absolutely amazing, I'm so happy.
    @Frugal in WV The everything ok button rulez! Yeah, coming back as a tree is like being part of the cycle and you can always be alive, somehow.

  13. Fun links! I need to "make everything ok." I wrote a play about trees for young kids - funny how the trees developed personalities just by looking at them! If you're looking forward to winter - you don't live in MN!

  14. The make everything okay button was cool...That was very interesting about becoming a tree....I have to admit, I kinda like that idea....

  15. Thanks for stopping by n your lovely feedback..
    love your post..very fun n interesting..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  16. @Claudia wow, that play you wrote sounds so nice :D. Is that Minnesota? No, I live in Romania :))
    @Ann The make everything ok button is definitely a must in my life. I like the idea of becoming a tree's comforting I guess.
    @Jay Thanks for your comment and your compliments dear :D