Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stones in your drink, calling a man 65 000 times, and the dangers of watching Sponge Bob

My busy days are over, at least for one week. I've discovered interesting things lately, especially studies. I found an alternative for ice cubes , those are actually stones that you  keep them in the freezer and then put them in your drink. Cool huh? This article is hilarious. It's about things that are useful but people are embarrassed to use them :D Nava K posted an interesting article about a woman who called a man 65 000 times in an year. I've also read a really good article called My Meddling Mind: The right way or wrong way to mourn. Another interesting article is this one and it refers to quitting and resisting the urge to quit while you are trying to accomplish something.

I've also received an award from Cooking Varieties, she was nice and gave me the 100 hearts award. Thanks a lot Wan!
Now the studies articles I found, which were extremely interesting. I've learned from this study that women who eat high fat before pregnancy will program their children to be overweight. Two very good articles about how the brain makes decisions can be found here and here. I also found out that there is a link between breast cancer and alcohol metabolism so be careful girls with your alcohol consumption. Alcohol metabolism also causes DNA damage. If you want to protect yourself from strokes all you need is to eat an apple or a pear per day. It seems that Sponge Bob makes your children have difficulties in learning and may affect their behavior.

These are all the interesting things I've read this week. Here's a cool song:


  1. Hi Andreea,
    Thank you so much for linking my articles and sincerely appreciate it very much. I do have a drink or two of wine during weekends for relaxation but I have to agree on the damage when drinking to excess.

  2. Very interesting. especialy the ice ball one. Your way of sharing is very nice. Happy blogging.Very interesting. especialy the ice ball one. Your way of sharing is very nice. Happy blogging.

  3. I asked you a very important question but u havent replied yet. It is in ur previous post. It is very important for me. I have searched but cant find answer.t. It is in ur previous post. It is very important for me. I have searched but cant find answer.

  4. @Nava You have great social articles and I love your blog :D. A drink or two of wine are actually beneficial and as long as there's no excess you don't have to worry about it. I drink a couple of glasses of wine too :D
    @Sarang Thanks for your compliment, it's so nice of you to drop by. I left you an answer on the page where you commented, hope it's useful :D

  5. Luckily my two boys aren't fans of spongebob, I don't find the show very educational at all :) You always find the most interesting articles, I'm glad that I don't drink alcohol, just use it to cook!

  6. Lots of links to interesting articles.. I will need more time to read them and will come back here again.. On right or wrong way to mourn, I have an article posted during the last declaration by United Nations on "International Widow's Day" where some customary practices are mentioned!

    BTW.. In my blog on stamps... really would appreciate if one day you can share in your postings with us the stamps on Romania..(from your grandad's collection)?


  7. I've actually seen two of your curious tendencies prior to this post! The "rocks" for drinks on the rocks and I'm a subscriber to Nava K! The rest is pretty funny!

    You gotta admit - the "do not disturb" tape for a cubicle can come in handy! It drove me crazy when folks come to visit and it's SO obvious I was busy!

  8. hello Andreea..looks like you have been reading and learning many things for this week..yes I agree sponge bob is not a good thing for my kids to watch..but then again I just wonder why..what is in sponge bob that my 3 yr.old boy just looks at our t.v. undisturbed..good thing our local got it off..must be because of those my kids watch barney instead..I love you you love me hehehe..

    passing by sis before I go to sleep..gudnyt :)

  9. hi andreea, great topics you read this week.. i must read your post on how the brain makes decisions...
    my latest post in on food jokes, do visit:) be glad if you add a foodie joke in your comment, cos i want to publish it, when i do my next foodie joke post
    have a nice day andreea

  10. @Frugal in WV good thing that they aren’t fans of spongebob, I find it really annoying. It seems that cartoons seem to be simpler and simpler nowadays, I remember old cartoons having a lot of reference to social problems of their time and there was a lot to learn from them. I actually learned English from cartoons when I was a child.
    @Katrina Thanks dear, I will read your article right away. Next time I will visit my grandpa I will ask him about them :D. I also have a small collection of stamps myself, he offered them as a gift to me when I was little.
    @Jasna Thanks for reading my article Jasna, it means a lot to me :D
    @Ann Indeed Nava K has great thought provoking articles. Yes, the tape is definitely handy, when I worked in an office a few years ago people were always disturbing me and that was incredibly annoying. I never understood why people do that when you are busy.
    @Sie Hello Sie, yeah I wanted to learn a new thing every day. It’s good that your local TV network got it off since it’s not good for the kids.
    @cookingvarieties Hi dear, I read the article but I’m still figuring out what joke to post there :D Have a nice day too Wan! :D

  11. I like your blog. I nearly started one very similar, but realized it would be a waste of time because I really don't care what other people think, so why would I share anything with anyone? I'm not even sharing now; this is 'anti-sharing', what I'm doing here...

    Anti-share: to share with others one's opinion of how little intrinsic value one believes the act of sharing opinions among other humans has.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. It's true, there is no point in sharing, but I always wanted to have a place where I could post about everything that interests me. Somehow, I didn't want to forget things and this is how I keep track of them. I don't write often, I just write when I have time and something impresses me.