Saturday, June 25, 2011

7 Myths About Alcohol

When it comes to drinking, everybody has some advice: a cure for a hangover, a method to get drunk faster or a method to get rid of that nasty feeling when you are too drunk. But are those really working? It seems that most of the things we know about drinking is wrong.  

A study involving 2000 Czech people (they are known for the fact that they consume a lot of beer) showed that this claim might be a myth. After questioning, their weight, body mass index and waist to hip ration were measured and it seems that there is no link between obesity and beer drinking. However, increasing your caloric intake and consuming large quantities of beer might influence your body weight but beer alone doesn’t contribute to “the beer belly”. 

A lot of people believe that alcohol can warm you, but if you ever find yourself trying in a situation when you have to survive in the cold, don’t drink alcohol. Although it makes you feel warmer, it actually decreases your body’s temperature and its reflex of keeping the body warm. Hypothermia will install more rapidly if you consume alcohol and you will not feel it either, so consuming alcohol in cold weather can put you to great risk.

How fast you get drunk depends on your metabolism and your weight, so mixing beer with wine will get you in the same direction as drinking the same amount alcohol contained by one beverage. 
However, people who mix their drinks may have a tendency to drink more so that might be a reasonable explanation for this myth.

It doesn’t, it only makes you numb and unable to feel your fatigue. Alcohol is a depressant so it reduces the function and activity of your body and brain. It might give you a mild euphoria and relaxation at first but if you continue drinking your mood will start to shift and you can become angry or sad. 

It doesn’t matter how many gallons of coffee you drink or how many times you wash your face, you will still be drunk. Only time will sober you up, so if you are really drunk the rational thing is to wait. Doing some exercise might help your body reduce the level of alcohol through sweat but that’s not really recommended when you are drunk. 

6 Sex is better when alcohol is involved
Unfortunately it doesn’t increase your libido but it makes you more promiscuous.  When your blood alcohol content reaches 0.10 you won’t feel anything during sex, but it will reduce inhibition.

The alcohol has the same effects on you even if you mix it with energy drink. You might not feel the effects of the alcohol but they are there and this is a very dangerous thing to do. You are practically using a depressant and a stimulant at the same time which could cause cardiopulmonary or cardiovascular failures and that’s not a fun moment during a party.

For an extensive list of alcohol effects on your body, check out this interesting link. 


  1. Is it also true that alcohol makes ugly women look attractive?

  2. It seems to be true according to this study

    Conclusions: Alcohol consumption increases ratings of attractiveness of facial stimuli, and this effect is not selective for opposite-sex faces. In addition, the effects of alcohol consumption on ratings of attractiveness persist for up to 24 h after consumption, but only in male participants when rating female (i.e. opposite-sex) faces.