Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 Weird Fetishes (Part I)

Weird Sexual Fetishes

If you thought your foot fetish was weird, it’s not. A person’s mind is a dark place and some of the things we enjoy can be really creepy; but here’s a list with some of the weird sexual fetishes I found.

She's getting ready for a date.
1. Apotemnophilia – when we look at ourselves in the mirror, most of us want to lose or gain some weight, get a new haircut, etc. But not people suffering from apotemnophilia. Nope, these guys want to lose a limb. This is a strange neurological disorder in which rational people have a great desire to amputate their own limbs and many of them manage to do it with the help of surgeons or simply hurting themselves and force emergency amputation. Why is apotemnophilia a fetish? Because there’s an erotic desire of looking like an amputee. The causes seem to be linked to abnormalities in the prefrontal cortex. These guys get along great with acrotomophiliacs, those who have a sexual desire for people with amputations. 

Just some domestic fun...

2. Autassassinophilia – some of us like it when our partner talks dirty, some like it when there’s a little roughness involved, but not those who have autassassinophilia, they like to get killed or at least be in life threatening situations. If your wife has this, you might have to hunt her down and pretend to kill her with a chainsaw just to get her attention. 

This scene of Little Red Riding Hood is definitely
 porn vore lovers. Nom, nom, nom!

3. Vorarephilia – if you ever had a strong urge to be eaten alive (with or without digestion), this is your fetish. But there’s more! There’s soft vore, for those who are more romantic, which only involves being alive and as a whole. However, hard vore describes scenarios where the person or animal is being chewed and ripped. Of course, there’s more! Vaginal vore is a scenario where a woman “performs?!” unbirth, which is the reverse of birthing. The partner is consumed by the vagina and ends up in the woman’s womb; of course, if you think about it this is a very hard fetish to put in practice and all these people have is stories, pictures and cartoons that may depict this fetish. Oh, and there’s also penis vore, anal vore and breast vore but I’ll let you figure out what those mean. 

I bet it takes a while until you warm her up.

4. Agalmatophilia – this a paraphilia that concerns attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin or other similar figurative object (according to Wikipedia). Actually I don’t blame these people, some of those Greek and Roman statues are really hot. There are a few cases of people who, uhm, raped statues.  Actually there’s also a case of a man, who fell deeply in love with a Venus of Milo statue and was discovered having sex with it. Women devoted themselves to the god Priapus and virgins were penetrated by his statue and actually many statues had been “mutilated” by having their penises cut off because they were used as dildos (don’t you just love history?) by women. 

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