Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Weird Fetishes (Part II)

This is part II of my recent article Weird Fetishes I and because people gain pleasure from a lot of weird stuff, I guess it’s going to be an entire series of articles. I was very busy lately so my articles were quite short, but I guess the 5 people who actually read my blog don't mind :).  Anyway, our first paraphilia is…

This looks like a Sex Shop for a hierophiliac.
1. Hierophilia or theophilia involves sexual attraction to religious and sacred objects: fantasies, urges to use religious objects and sexual preference for sacred or religious objects. So, if you ever had fantasies with a cross or other religious objects, you probably have hierophilia. 

Man, look at those sexy branches!
2. Dendrophilia  – while tree huggers are just romantic people who like to bond with trees and enjoy nature, a dendrophiliac just likes having sex with trees. Yep, they get aroused by tall, big, beautiful…trees.

Yep, a frotteurist playground.
3. Frotteurism refers to the act of rubbing yourself against someone without their consent (and enjoying it too). Most of us who use public transport know what that means, a creepy guy rubbing himself against us and smirking during the process.

Back off buddy! This is my boob!
4. Erotic lactation is not that hard to figure out as it is the arousal one gets from being breastfed. If you are fighting with your newborn child for your wife’s milk, you are a lactophiliac.

This was invented by a piquerist. 
5. Piquerism is a “subfetish” of sadomasochism in which a person finds sexual pleasure from penetrating another person with sharp objects. Stabbing and cutting in areas like breasts, buttocks or groin are the most frequent “bedroom activities” when it comes to this fetish. 


  1. Heh...who hasn't "frotteurized" with a fellow citizen while going to school/work clearly hasn't had a jump start to their day... Also just felt the need to add to the lovely piquerism fetish getting stabbed in the bellybutton with a sharp pencil :bz Ones pleasure may actually prove to be the others deep cleanser technique :-?

  2. Lol, people are just awesome.