Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Feel Old At 24...

I don’t know if it’s just me but I really feel old. However, I don’t find my age being the problem I don’t believe somebody is old at my age, but everything around me makes me feel constantly old. I felt slightly old at 23 but 24 is really making me feel depressed.

1 – The media portrays a lot of young people - The first reason why I feel old is the fact that all the ads in the magazines seem to portray these beautiful 19-20 year old women with the skin of a 9 year old. I’m never going to be 19, 20 or 9 year old anytime soon so I feel kind of ancient.Apparently nowadays being 10 is the new 17 which makes it really hard for me to cope with the reality of my age. 

2- People are getting married around me - A lot of people my age are starting to get married which again makes me think that I am pretty old. A lot of my ex school/high school/college acquaintances are already married, some of them even have kids so that makes it a little hard for me to actually believe that I am still young and fresh and I can do whatever I want….which brings me to my next point.

3 – I can’t do whatever I want – I’ve been hearing myself a lot lately saying “Oh, I’m too old to do this”, “This is not appropriate for my age” which again makes the life at 24 even more miserable.

4 – Everybody is younger – more than 60% of the people I meet are younger than me and I really hate that. I hate you young people!!!! Just kidding, but seriously, am I in the wrong circles? Even if I hang out with older people I feel old, because, you know, I hang out with older people! People my age are too busy getting married so….I’m doomed. 

5- Critical – I often find myself criticizing the young generation which makes me sound like grandparents trying to cope with the idea of gay marriage. The young generation is annoying, they have so much time to waste I really hate them.

6 – I don’t have time to play videogames - I remember staying in my room for days and just play videogames until I felt like my eyes were bleeding. Now, I have deadlines, I have to sleep, I can’t just play videogames all day.

7 – I don’t live with my parents anymore – This is both positive and negative but whenever I go home I remember how good it is to have absolutely no responsibilities. I love to not care about my rent, my bills, whoever rings at the door, shopping, etc.

8 – I have a lot of old people type of conversations – if you are like me you know what I’m talking about. The type of conversations with a friend that start with “Have you seen the gas prices lately?” and end up with “I don’t know what’s happening to this country, it used to be much better in the past”. Same applies for other topics like: today’s young people, today’s music, today’s movies, etc. I often find myself and my friend discussing about stuff like this and how things are not how they used to.

9 – I don’t enjoy being crazy anymore – I don’t really want to go wild, drink all night, get male strippers and have fun with my girlfriends until we pass out near the bed. I’d rather watch a movie and drink some wine or read a book. I’m even starting to hate loud music. I always get hysterical when my flat mate listens to loud music and what’s sad about it is the fact that I use the same words as my grandma “Turn that music down, what are the neighbors going to think??? Listening to music at 3 am in the morning is not appropriate!!!” and then I walk away feeling him giving me that “u crazy woman!” look. Hmm, apparently I am crazy but not young and fun crazy, old crazy woman crazy.

10 – I can’t be myself. This works both ways, I can’t have the old woman habits that I mentioned earlier but I can’t be crazy either. Society has this thing and it makes you feel bad for being anything. There are a few exceptions, like being a famous star or the CEO of a major company. Well, I can’t be a famous star because I’m too old and I’m also too young to be a CEO. Anyway, it’s this demand to be something when you reach a certain age that makes me furious. How people start judging you because you are not like they want you to be. Some will judge you for being to immature while others will be annoyed by the fact that you seem too mature for your age. And I get both these reactions, which makes me confused.

I guess the society wants me to feel old, this way I’ll settle. I am not allowed to be crazy at this age, I can’t be wild, everything I am allowed to do is focus on my job; also, I have to buy new things all the time to keep the economy smooth. Society wants you to be old, but you have to look young so that you can inspire other young people to be old.  

PS: When I will be 34 I will look at this post, smile and say "Oh 24 year old me, how silly you were!"


  1. This is now known as the quarter life crisis - no really?

    I feel it more in the sense of having not done/doing as much as I couple be in life. But all the things you describe above are, I think, more to do with your maturity levels rather than being "old before your time".

    I love the P.S!
    L x

  2. Ha,ha I guess it is the quarter life crisis. I don't know what to say, I'm pretty happy with what I have achieved, although I want more of course. However, I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that I never managed to let myself go crazy for longer periods of time. I've been the more serious type and now it just makes me that lady that shouts at children playing because they make too much noise. Omg, I think I'm a grumpy old lady. Perhaps I'm overreacting....Your comment made me think a lot...Thanks! :D

  3. Didn't miss a beat with that! I think 24 is the limit on youthful antics once you hit 25 you are expected to behave in a certain way, be moved out of your parents house or close to, have some idea of what you want to do, there really aren't anymore 'oh well there just a kid' or 'there only young' excuses you can use when you hit 25.

  4. I feel that way and I am turning 20.

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  6. Omg, I'm 23 and will be 24 in 6months tomorrow. I feel so old, too. Exactly what you said. I'll graduate college in August so I'm applying for "real" jobs & I seriously want to just strip down run naked. I find myself saying, "When I was 21" all the time. I was better than the best of them when I was 21. Now, I'm 23 & I feel guilty for having a drink. People tell you, you're supposed to be this way, etc. I was actually okay w/23 because I thought I met this great guy who wanted to be w/somebody my age & mature, etc. He had kids at a young age & will be 25 next month. So I felt that was a good thing. But considering when we were teenagers, marriage was a requirement if pregnant out of wedlock divorce is high & sometime inevitable. So when that happens these young people that are age try to recapture their youth..."Feeling older" So they goor the 20, 21s instead.Afterall, there more fun & not ready to settle down. By the way, I am not ready to settle down @ 23 (27-30 is good for me). It's just nice to know already who'll put the ring on it at that age. I feel the need to do something wild & crazy. Quarter mid-life crisis? No wonder, I feel like I'm in a mid-crisis.

  7. I feel like everything you said except the "loud music" part. In my case, i feel like Im getting older, age wise, but mentally I feel like Im 17. I mean its like time is passing me by so quickly and before I will know it, I'll be 30. I just turned 24 in June so im still highly confused on how I graduated from high school 6 YEARS AGO!! Im still trying to figure it out, lol!! And im really having a "quarter-life crisis" now because like you said people have graduated college (I haven't) and are getting married and having children and now, im like "oh no, I need to hurry up and do something with my life before Im really OLD."And a part of me still thinks I have plenty of time,still wants to party, still wants to do everything that 21 year olds are doing(since i didnt really do those things much) while the other part is like "Your'e already getting too old to do the things you didn't, when you were 21, so you might as well just forget it." So confusing!!

    1. Yes, I know what you are saying. I wrote that post one year ago, now I'll be 25 in a couple of days. Unfortunately, things haven't changed much. I'm more accustomed to the idea of getting old but it feels the same. :) Good luck to you in everything you do!

  8. I wanna be 16 again. High School is one of the best times in our lives.

  9. To the previous post... In my opinion not true... I always hear people saying " ah high school were the best times of my life". Those are the same people that when they're 40+ still talking about how high school was so great. It depresses me to think that people think that was the best, as if whatever they're expecting is supposed to be less exciting. I think high school yrs were unique, but definitely not the best.... Awesome post

  10. hello Andreea, cheer up, I've nominated you for the Versatile Award:) check it out

  11. I also feel the same , I hope i can change that

  12. I'm 21 and I feel exactly the same. I've had the "in my day" chats with the best friend and the fact that the "youths of today are..." conversations.
    I must admit I prefer a movie and a meal or a night in with a few close friends than to go out and party. I feel that at 21 I should be doing more "fun" things with my life. but fun according to whom?
    thanks for the post : )

  13. I'm 21 and feel old. I've had the "I remember when you where little", "when I was younger" and the "youths of today conversations with my best friend. I always feel I should be doing more "fun" things in my life, but fun according to whom? I prefer a movie or a meal with a friend or a quite night in rather than going at to party.

  14. Yeah, you pretty much describe it. Only that I'm second year in university, and the thought that I'll graduate at 27 is sometimes killing me. I feel like whatever I do at that age will be meaningless. I will either be too old for someone to gives a fuck (My parents will be like: "Well finally! It was about damn time!")... or that I will be too old to enjoy it.

  15. Yeah, I can completely relate to this. Once I graduated university, my life seemed to have gone too serious. A majority of my friends are unhappy as a result of working in jobs they don't like, they're getting married, having kids, and moving out. While I enjoy my life, I really need to stop comparing my life with theirs, because in the end it's going (though it already is) driving me mad. I don't truly feel alive, and I think that's because I don't think about my self for a moment, to reflect on what I have achieved, and to enjoy my own life, and not compare my own. Easier said than done though! Hope you're well!

  16. Going through it right now... feel like I missed my chances and I know that is quite silly of me! I'm curious, how do you feel about what you felt now? :)