Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irrationality, boredom, bananas and awakening

What happened this week? I read this interesting article. Yes, Dan Ariely I am completely obsessed with you! I found an interesting research that shows how feelings of boredom can both strengthen solidarity within your in-group and heighten hostility toward outsiders.  I found this gorgeous lady and read about bananas. I also had some awakening and watched a random funny video

I'll leave you guys with this video of a chocolate bunny being melted. 

This was a sad and unproductive week. 


  1. hi andreea, your idea of summarizing your weekly finds is a great way to,like you said "awakening". and reflecting and pondering on certain issues perhaps.
    i am following your way to, but in my mind only :)

  2. Thanks Wan :D, it's nice of you to say that ^.^