Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oatmeal, marketing, headaches, depression, cheese, etc.

So, I decided I'll do a post each week about everything I liked and discovered during that week, just to share with you guys (the...3 readers of my blog) some of the stuff I find cool. Anyway, so this week I discovered I learned why dating a unicorn is cool, stuff about minor differences, and how to use a semicolon. It's a very funny website, check it out!

I've also read about the 5 biggest disasters in the history of marketing ideas and a very interesting article on Dan Ariely's blog about what makes us seek justice. Other great reads were about this guy's parents (loved it), but I also learned how to cure a headache without medication, how to make grog, and how to eat cheese like an expert (with green apple, strawberries, and pears)

I discovered this great lady who inspires me, this amazing dude that manages to make my imagination flow like I'm on LSD with his beautiful writings, this great talented guy who creates stunning portraits, and this guy who writes beautifully about books and depression. I also want to mention the life thinker, he has a lot of interesting stuff.

PS: yeah I almost forgot that I discovered this beautiful lady on YouTube with an amazing voice


  1. Great idea!

    Already fan of your discoveries!

    Surely there are more than 3 readers of your blog, only they are shy and do not dare to write a comment!

    Everything you recommend is very good!

    Thank you for your kind words about my blog!

    Signing: the amazing dude! :))

  2. 3 readers including my mom perhaps :))) thanks for your comment dear amazing dude who writes about lavender scented girls and other nice things

  3. dudette! tu de ce faci lucruri atat de folositoare intr-o lume atat de stupida care functioneaza dupa cu totul alte reguli?

    really good stuff!

  4. hi andreea, i remembered i told you before that i really enjoy reading your post.. your presentation and composition of words makes the unique topics you published, even more interesting.
    i also like your origin- i have and know only one romanian--yourself:) thanks for that.

  5. @brainonbrain pentru ca traiesc la limita: dorm cu geamul deschis, intru in metrou dupa ce au anuntat ca inchid usile, beau lapte direct din cutie etc. No, de fapt...imi place ce fac :))

    @cookingvarieties thanks dear, you always have something nice to are so great :D