Monday, October 10, 2011

7 Dark Amazing Artists

Since this is Halloween month my posts will be concerned more with the horror side of things. I love art and I loved writing about it in the past, so I figured out I would share some of the most talented dark artists I know.  

1 - F. A. Carrión  is an artist from Houston, Texas. His art is haunting, macabre and beautiful. If you like his art you can see more on his personal page and his Facebook page

This one is definitely my favorite. 

2 - Amarilli is an artist born in Milan, who currently lives in beautiful Tuscan countryside. She works for an interior decoration company and on her own art projects. She has been interested in the artistic side from childhood and her art is inspired from folklore mythology and magic. If you like her work check out her Facebook page, her personal website and her twitter account.

3 – Rachel Graves is an artist from Portland, Oregon. She describes her art as being inspired by nightmares that have in the past amused her. I hope you agree with me that she created beautiful nightmares indeed. You can find more about her and her art on Facebook and on her blog.

4 – Amy Kollar Anderson is an incredible artist from Dayton, Ohio. According to her Deviantart page her favorite activities are painting and hanging out with her husband. She describes her art as “Pop Surreal images with a focus on narrative and color”. You can see more of her vibrant art on her Facebook page, twitter account  and her personal page

5- Mirko Sevic is an artist born on 24th of April, 1954 in Velika Kladusa. His art is inspired from events that took place before and during the war, which had a great impact on him. On his website he states that his art is trying send the message that people lost what has separated humanity from animosity. 

6- Uno Moranes has amazing, fascinating and weird tone to his work and what's even more amazing is the fact that he makes Pixel Art. I couldn’t find much information on him but you can see his beautiful artworks on his personal page, Livejournal blog, and Tumblr blog

7- Thomas Joseph Yagodinski is a horror artist that gets inspiration from stories and experiences of the paranormal kind and his fascination with the occult and witchcraft. You can see more of his work here and on his personal website


  1. wow...wonderful creativity..thanks for sharing this amazing art pics..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. It's nice to know the artists and their works. Interesting post! :)

  3. takes a deep imagination to paint and draw those creatures..maybe those artist usually dream on them awoooo :)

    Passing by you have your Halloween costume ready? hehehe :)

  4. great sharing and knowledge for me Andreea but anything scary scares me really, in fact I dare not watch any horror movies if my hubby is travelling, I am unable to sleep at night after this.

  5. @Balqis Thank you.
    @Sie yeah, they are extremely creative and tallented. I don't have a Halloween costume yet, I'm probably going to make a scar on my face with makeup. I don't even know if I'm going somewhere yet.
    @Nava I don't like watching horror movies either, unless I watch them with somebody :D and yeah, I can't sleep alone afterwards.

  6. Oho, truly amazing. Haunted art of the first is very great. And thanks for replying to me.

  7. hi andreea. i dont like the dark world. been horrified with their presence before. so i hardly look at these pics. those many experiences made me sleep with lights on until today.. been a few years already.
    by the way this morning (now 11.30 nite) when i visited your blog, it says NO POST- it made me wonder why the page was blank.
    just tried my luck now, surprised to find all is normal and there are a few comments already!

  8. I love interesting pieces of art. The artists must have very vivid imaginations to create such creepy pieces :)

  9. You are welcome Sarang Mangi. I'm happy you like the pictures.
    Frugal in WV, I love their art too, they are definitely great artists with incredible imagination :D

  10. I am afraid to hang scary paintings at my house. However, I think I can handle the work of Amarilli and Amy Kollar Anderson. They are amazing artists. Thanks for the introduction.

  11. Thanks for your comment Rola, I am happy I introduced you to these amazing artists. :D

  12. You couldn't find much information aboun Uno Moralez couse much of it in russian language. He's russian artist. Born in Ufa and now he living in Moscow with his wife. He's 44 y.o. He don't have any art education. He likes Suehiro Mauro (he's japanese manga artist). So that's all I know:)

    1. That's true, a lot of the info is in Russian. Thank you so much for the info you provided Mary!He is an amazing artist.