Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sexual Innovations, Protesters, Social Media, and Lots of Free Books

There are very few things I discovered this week. It was a crazy week and I wanted to put creepy things in my discoveries since it's Halloween Month, but I don't have enough horror discoveries.

This week we have 5 Sexual Innovations From People In Your History Text Books  and Three Types of Protesters Hurting Their Own Cause  from
This article about social media is really cool, especially for those of us who want to know more about its role in marketing. Another article is this one about writing  which definitely helps us bloggers. If you want free books you can get some from Project Gutenberg, I found a lot of philosophy books there and most classics can be found too. It's an amazing database. Here's another great article from Big Think on how the brain appreciates art.
I also found this blog, a great resource for copywriters who need to improve their work. For those of you who know the case of Sybil, apparently it was a big fraud. We don't know it for sure but it was a little bit too  unbelievable. I will make a future post about this case, since I find it fascinating. Anyway, I will leave you guys with my newest song obsession:


  1. You are amazing! Every time you post, I'm always curious to see what you can come up with next. As always - you didn't disappoint!

  2. thats great info, esp on improving writing for bloggers, I will certainly be good for me as sometimes I just can't bring out the right words or its writers block.

  3. very interesting post..:)
    thanks for the wonderful sharing andrea..
    Tasty Appetite

  4. @Ann Aww thanks...I'm happy to hear I people are curious about my postings. I wish I would write more often.
    @Nava.K yeah I loved that article, is a great resource for bloggers
    @Jay Thanks dear, you are so kind!

  5. thank you for that link sis-to help us write professionally..I learned some tips.on the Sybil case I am not familiar with it..but I have heard and experienced being with some people having double personalities..but usually it was caused or triggered with something..grrrrr..look now I am curious wahahaha..your site gives me really a curious tendency hahaha..passing by sis :)

  6. You have a lot of greating writing links today! I always love the posts that you write, they always have such interesting info! Have a great week.

  7. hi andreea, cant wait to view "Big think" on how the brain appreciate favorite topic here. thanks for that and have a nice day

  8. Social media and its revolution, I blogged an article on this too, and just look at the figures exploding each day!

    And the teenagers, many are becoming millionaires, taking advantage of the current fad.. and

    hello Andreea... we women should pool together and make the most of these facilities too why not eh? At least if not financially rewarding, motivating each other to move forward is as valuable..


  9. Always kicking my brain, you are totaly awsome dear. The sharing of Article related to Art was great. Carry on.
    Art is everything and Art is everywhere. Find Art in you dustbin and find it in poor faces.

  10. @Sie, you are welcome dear. I am happy that my blog gives you a curious tendency, I will write about Sybil in the future as so many things were recently discovered about this case.
    @Frugal in WV Thanks dear for all your kind words :D
    @Wan I am happy you found something interesting in my blogpost :D
    @Katrina Yeah, teenagers are more and more independent. When I was a teenager I never thought about making money or becoming rich, but it seems that people get more mature from an early age. As a woman I totally agree with us making the most of these facilities and motivating one another.
    @Sarang Mangi Thanks for your kind words dear, indeed art is everywhere.